Sunday, April 12, 2015

Third Time's The Charm

Is there anyone out there?

So it's been more than a year since I've been able to sit down long enough to write a musing. It's also been more than a year since I was last inspired to write. I promised that I would not write anything phony for the sake of filling this blog. I've always wanted this to be genuine. And that's why we are here we are today.

First- let me give you a little history about a topic I find fascinating: hair.

I say fascinating because it is so interesting how much it affects us. We spend BILLIONS of dollars on hair products. We have doctors working to solve baldness. It can even define how beautiful or attractive we are. That's especially the case for women. Every day we dye it, straighten it, curl it, cut it, pour products into it. Let's face it, the strands of protein growing on top of your head impacts your self-esteem.

It can also be an ongoing battle for anyone- no matter the race or gender. I have had plenty of experience from that. My parents constantly had to work to keep my hair out of my face.
They eventually took drastic measures: a mullet. Mom keeps telling me this was "the trend." I'm not an expert but if this was the fad in the late 1980s & 90s- I'm glad we have evolved.
Not sure which is worse: the hair or the vest
As I became older I went from not caring about my hair to never being happy with it. Like most, I have highlighted and dyed it...
Going old school: my first media job at the local radio station
To cutting it at all sorts of crazy lengths....
What happens when you get a hair cut in Thailand
Also as I got older, I began to meet people who weren't able to do that. I began to learn about children who have no hair only because of an illness or gene they can't control. I began to learn about cancer patients who fought to survive only to loose their hair. And when you lose the hair, you also tend to lose that self-esteem.

That's why after growing my hair out for my wedding in 2009- I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love.
That's why in 2012 I donated again to Children With Hair Loss.
That's why in 2015 I decided third time is the charm.

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Not only have I been able to help three people feel strong, beautiful, and confident- I have also learned several things about myself and being simple.

 I've learned doing simple things still call for dedication. I had to avoid several temptations brought on by our culture: cutting my hair into a punky style, dying it every month, putting constant heat and product into my hair. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

I've also learned the beauty of simplicity. I made a lot of braids: French, Dutch, Fishtail, you name it. I also also un-braided, re-braided, un-braided, re-braided... who needs a complex updo when you can have a simple, sexy ponytail?

Then there's the lesson can doing something simple can do a world of good. Not only as I able to help others, it also brought lessons that helped my being.