Monday, September 10, 2012

Preparations To Fill Your Spice Rack

Hey again, folks. See? I didn't disappear. Life has just been very, very, very... busy. As many of you know, this blog is normally written over the weekend. And frankly, I haven't had a free weekend for... weeks. I even had a few things this weekend, but Sunday was easy enough to get something together.

So, my favorite half of the year is coming up: autumn and winter. I know I'm crazy, and I've said it multiple times, but I LOVE colder weather. There's also the harvest and festivus season to look forward to. Hopefully in a few weeks it will even be hoodie weather.

Anyways, we had one day this weekend to tackle our neglected yard and start preparing for the harvest season. Over the next few weeks, I will start drying more herbs and prepare oil out of what is already dry. It was our basil's turn this weekend. Frankly, I should of started this couple weeks ago. For a couple weeks, the basil looked like it's lived life to its fullest...  or whatever a plant does to do that.
Basil gets to dry in our basement
Drying herbs are pretty easy, especially when you have the luxury of a basement or attic. With a shovel, slowly pry out the plant, saving most of the root system. Shake off as much dirt as you can then simply hang it upside down in a dry place. We chose the basement right above the dehumidifier. After awhile it will be nice, crunchy, and perfect to be broken down for my spice cabinet.

Crunchy basil from last year
Soon we will do the same with the oregano, some sage, and mint. I'm also working to figure out what all I can do with peppermint. But that's for another day.

Another thing we've had to do is say goodbye to some of our beloved plants early. We've had a difficult summer thanks to the drought. Already lost the squash & zucchini plants. On Sunday we said goodbye to a pepper plant. Soon we will say goodbye & give our thanks to the other pepper and tomato plants.

Throughout the weeks, I'll get back on track of sharing my musings, promise. Summer travels are wrapping up and I'll have plenty to show when it comes to harvest time. Soon enough it will be October, which is my favorite month of the year. Who knows, I may bring back my dedication to the great pumpkin.

But before October, next week is a special night for me. September 14th is the Ladies Social for the American Cancer Society. It's the first fundraiser I've really been involved in. Please stop by the event's website and if you can, donate a few dollars. I lost a grandfather to cancer, and my husband's grandfather has kept an amazing fight against it. Help us find a cure & help patients. Thank you.

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