Monday, February 13, 2012

Prelude to St. Valentine's Day

So, in case you didn't know, Valentines Day is tomorrow. While this maybe obvious, I feel I some people don't quite remember what day it is. Like the husband.
Note the day.
With that being said, I have to give him a lot of kudos. My husband is pretty awesome. The other day he surprised me by purchasing chamomile tea k-cups for me. That's real love right there. Without getting too sappy, I feel it's only appropriate to mention that I'm married to the perfect man for me. If you want to read more of why my valentine is so awesome, you can read here.

Anyway, Valentine's Day can either be a day you prepare for weeks in advance & give your partner the most romantic, creative, loverly day of their life... Or you can be like me, who already gave their love a gift two weeks ago and can't figure out what to do on February 14th. I mean, it's a Tuesday this year. The husband is going to be in class most of the night while I work most of the day. Plus we are drained emotionally (not to mention a bit  financially) thanks to starting the long process of buying a home (hopefully).

But fear not, that is where the joy of Pinterest comes in & offers ideas you didn't even know were possible. Since I have some secret plans for my hubby tomorrow, I thought I'd share just some of the many Valentine ideas that are out there. Maybe after I do this long enough, I can offer my own ideas. But until then, enjoy.

Valentine Pretzel Buttons (I normally do this with rolos, pecans & pretzels, but this is cute)

Oh and if any of these ideas aren't tickling your fancy, these are just my favorites, there are a lot more out there. I hope you have the sweetest of Valentine's Days life can offer you.

As an update on life: I've been able to keep a good two week record so far of what I'm eating. But there are a few "no lunch" days due work. And that normally results in take out/fast food. I think I'm starting to see the correlation, ha. I guess it takes a food diary to make you see how often that happens. But with that being said, after a weekend of diet-medicine conspiracy reading/documentaries, I'm going to be changing a few things in my kitchen. Stay tuned to find out.

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