Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Show Some Modesty

Whadeya' know, I have an extra blog post for you this week. Well, it's really for me. It's a bit of a diary entry/explanation. It's a bit focused on Christianity as well. So if you really don't care about my own religious views, I'd go ahead and skip this post.

Sorry that this post is a bit delayed but, Happy Ash Wednesday. In case  you don't know, it's the beginning of Lent, a time where Christians attempt to make a sacrifice & give up a vice until Easter. At least that's what I was taught in Sunday school. Catholics normally throw in the whole "no red meat on Friday" thing, but we do not. But I applaud all who do & then go to my husband's work to have some fish instead. Be sure to leave him a good tip.

Anyway, we try to give this sacrifice as a way to symbolize Jesus' 40 days in the desert. He had no food or water & was tempted by Satan three times. But he came out on top... that is until he was betrayed then killed. But you all know the rest to that story.

With that being said, it took me pretty much until midnight last night to come up with a good thing to give up for Lent. I used to give up soda, but I've already done that for health reasons. I could give up alcohol but that would lead to a boring birthday since it's the day before Easter. While smoking was an option, the husband isn't going to quit until December 2012 (something about the Mayan calender, whatever that is) so that's just not doable. I can't give up Facebook since I have to use it for work every day. And there's no way I'm giving up chocolate during Girl Scout cookie season.

But then, my husband had a good idea: what about make up?

I thought for a second and realized he had a good idea for a few reasons. One, modesty is a key characteristic taught in our faith. It is through modesty that we can accept that we sin and are able to accept God's love & forgiveness. We're not perfect. And that's okay.

Some take modesty as a lesson to also tell your teen to not wear tube tops or over do the make up. And while I'm all for teens dressing appropriately, there needs to be a mixture between modesty & expression. For me, it's more about accepting your faults and allowing yourself to shine without embellishments.

As I mentioned with Finding A Balance, I am on a personal goal of accepting myself. My looks to be exact. And I'm not saying this to fish for compliments. After some "filling out" between college and our move to Kentucky, I became very self conscious about my appearance. And as I focus on living a healthier lifestyle & losing weight in my own way, I'm also working for a healthier mind. That includes me being at peace with being seen without make up. And that's saying something since I adore my eyeliner.

So here I am on day one of my lent sacrifice: no make up. And during this time, I hope to allow myself to stay modest in my actions and while finding beauty in my flaws. Since I have 40 days, I think I can make it.
A few days into no makeup


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  2. Well I am going to join you makeup for forty days and nights! Seriously you are beautiful on the inside and out there my friend!