Monday, March 26, 2012

Ending The Month Of March

Well, I'm scheduled today to wrap up my month dedicated to women by writing an expose' about domestic violence. I also thought about discussing issues for women in our society as a whole. But alas, it's allergy season & I'm now on benedryl. So I do not feel I am in a place that I can give those topics justice. And I'm not in the mood to get into political fights.

BUT I implore you to look into a few recent issues for yourself. Here are a couple of places you should visit on the web & make your own decisions.
- With the two year anniversary of "Obamacare," there's recent discussions over health insurance discrimination
- There's also a recent study on the best & worst states for women (Kentucky being in the worst 5)
- For the past month or so, there's on-going political banter about a "battle against women," including debates over legislation of insurance coverage for contraceptives and violence against women here & abroad
- Don't forget body image in our culture is only getting worse. Jean Kilbourne is an amazing source on that topic.

With all that being said, let's go on some positive, completely unrelated notes.

First & most exciting: WE ARE CLOSING ON OUR NEW HOME THIS FRIDAY. We are so excited & slightly overwhelmed at all the things we need to do now: packing, changing over utilities, not to mention actual moving. Then when all that is done, there will be even more things we need to do to gear up for summer time: installing a fence, gardening, composting, etc. With that being said, posts in the upcoming weeks might be a tad short & photo based. I also want to take our new home as an opportunity to attempt & share more green ideas.

That also brings us to a new point. We are using the new home as an opportunity to start a new phase in our life which will mean more gardening, more cooking, more exercise, more local produce, and even local meat. I already signed up for a good 25lb package of local, grass fed beef from a great farm in Western Kentucky. I hope to also get in on other local, co-op meat & produce. And dare I say, we are looking into raw milk. We are also beginning to replace man-made polyunsaturated fats (margarine, vegetable oil, etc.) with more natural & saturated fats.

Before you cringe at the last two options, I want to ensure you that I'm doing my homework. After a long time of research, I feel that we need to move toward a natural diet. And don't worry, one of these days I will share all that I have learned with you along with links from both sides when it's the right time.

By the way, did I ever mention that we went to Arizona last week? Cause we did.
Making goofy faces at the Saguaro National Park
It was a vacation with my mother to see a side of her family. It was a great trip with amazing sites including The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum where I got to meet the cutest thing on the face of the earth: a Western Screech Owl.
Isn't it AWESOME?! They wouldn't let me hold it
So needless to say, we've been pretty busy here & there's only more, great stuff ahead. Thank you for keeping up with me on this journey of insanity. I promise next week's blog will be more focused.

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