Monday, April 2, 2012

Short But Sweet... Like Home

This week's blog is a little late & it will be very short. Sorry, we've been a bit busy. You see on Friday, we closed on our new home.

And over the weekend, we moved in all the big/important stuff. We are now living here. But the one utility we couldn't move over was Internet & I do most of my blog writing at home. So this is more of a post to let you know what is going on for Limelight Musings. Hopefully things will be back up & running by next Monday. And I promise, promise, promise to share lots of fun stories & photos. Until then, check out some of the great blogs I've posted below. They are some of my favorites. See you next week.

The Healthy Home Economist-Gets You Thinking About YOUR wellness
Simple Bites- Best Cooking Blog Ever
Simple Homemade- Makes "Going Green" Simple
The Feminist Breeder- Very Inspirational
The Bloggess- Always Good For A Laugh
Two Jugs of Milk and a Shot of Whiskey- Roxy Always has Something Going On

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