Monday, April 9, 2012

Update, Update, Update!

Ah, I'm so happy to have the internet & my blog back at my finger tips. Being a first time home-buyer is no east task, my friends. First there's the actual picking out a house, negotiating, requesting a loan, trying your hardest to get all the inspections, closing, etc. THAT was fun (not really). But then comes the exciting part... moving.
Our cute lil' new home
We've done so much is such a short amount of time, but there is still so much to do. It's hard to believe we moved in only about a week ago. Speaking of moving, I think the best part was us trying to move our shed. Enjoy this photo sequence:
Guys trying to figure out how this will go into the moving truck.

Maybe on it's side? Nope, just a hair too wide.

"Fine. We'll take off the roof."

Roof then collapses.

But it finally made it into the truck.
I gotta give them a hand, the three guys that came out to help us move are some of the best friends a gal could ask for. And this house is beau-ti-ful.
Recently re-painted, blooming azalea... it's just perfect.
It's a two bed, one bath with an liveable (needs some work) attic & basement that's ready to be finished. Best of all: the kitchen is to die for & I finally have my dining room. So happy to have this as our first HOME. It's in a beautiful part of town & we already know we have good neighbors.

The yard is also le magnifique. The grass is beautiful & due tot he ice storm taking out the trees, we have a full clean slate. We are already working on lots of gardening plans. But for now, we are keeping it sweet and simple. I was able to transfer some of the seedlings into pots this weekend. Unfortunately, my calendula seeds didn't make it so we'll have to start all over with those.
Chamomile is already to go
So, needless to say things are quite busy. Especially if you throw in work. We are so busy, I practically missed my birthday last Saturday. Oh well. We'll get it next year. And now that Easter came & went, that means lent is over. I already have make up on.
Oh what big eyes
The modesty & extra 15 minutes each morning was nice... but I truly missed my eyeliner. I'll also admit that throughout lent, I wore make up once. But that was for a convention where my husband was working. But it was minimal & for a few hours. But seriously, the 39.75 days of no makeup forced me to be okay with how I look naturally. Throw in a little weight loss & I can say I'm on my way to being confident & happy with my appearance.

On that note, every woman should feel beautiful... despite the love handles, wrong eye shadow & frizzy hair. And no one likes a hypocrite, so I'm working to believe in what I preach. All of us (including myself) need to stop comparing our appearance to models who are starved & photo-shopped. It's not natural & it's unfair that we are forced by our environment to think otherwise. With that being said, a little mascara to express yourself isn't the end of the world. I'll get off my soap box now.

Outside of packing & unpacking, things should get back to normal soon. Needless to say, there won't be a theme this month. But I'll be sure to share our tales as we get back to gardening & green-ifying our new home. I even have a plethora of recipes to share. As always, thanks for sticking with me here on Limelight Musings.

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