Sunday, June 26, 2011

Archives: The Start of Something Wonderful...

To Anyone Who Happens to Read This:
Hello and Good Evening. Arguably this is not something "new" since this blog is over a month in the making. It originally began with a few Facebook posts. But I finally developed the courage to open myself to the blogging world and here we are.

I am not one to believe in titles, mostly because we all can fall under so many. I alone am a wife, friend, daughter, animal lover, knitter... alas, the list is endless. But one of the most important titles I am is a producer, a story teller if you will. I have made it a career to not only tell people a series of stories a day, but also manage the production of a show to make it the most appealing to viewers. But as each day comes to a close, I am finding that I am becoming my own show or book- a series of (mostly) random occurrences and situations in day to day life. 

I am also 24- at the ripe age of deciding who I am... and that knowledge may bring something new to my life.

I'm not sure exactly why I feel a need to begin the testing of a blog, but I guess I want to see if I can follow through and write a blog. It's not to say that I feel that I am an interesting enough person that people should follow. And most would argue that the life of a reporter or anchor is far more interesting than a producer. But as my husband says it best, "everyone has a right to be heard."

So here we begin the start of something I can hopefully follow through- a random blog of a news producer living in Western Kentucky. However, I am not one to start something unless I know I can do it. So before I start some elaborate "Tales Of A Story Teller," blog, I'm going to start with a few notes. The first few will mostly pertain to my critique of "The Chronicles Of Narnia," as I just began reading the first book, "The Magician's Nephew."

But if a new chapter in my life rises to the occasion, it shall be heard.

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