Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've been Waiting a Long Time...

Back on May 17th of this year, I thought that I would try to come up with some "personal" blog. I originally thought of it as a way to voice my thoughts. I also hoped it to be some form of motivation & documentation of my personal goals while continuously working on my writing.

A month an a half later, my tiny idea is turning into something much more: Limelight Musings. While there will be some personal slop (with the occasional book review), I'm now going to try to promote making daily life greener without breaking the bank. And even better, I'll look for ways to go green through DIY projects.

Now there two, clearly divided sides about our climate and whether it is changing. But there's one thing I think we can all agree on: increasing efficiency while saving money. And in a world where corporations continue production of unsafe products, I'm going to look for ways to keep you, your home, and family safe.

Oh, and there will be challenges as time goes by. Before I actually suggest you try something, I will be attempting it first. So if nothing else, you will see my joys and struggles of accomplishing things (like home-made laundry detergent).

So welcome to my blog. As I said, this is a dream in the making, so I have posted "archives" of posts that were originally on my Facebook page. And there is already a challenge set up for this upcoming weekend!

So stay tuned!

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