Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ok. I'm not going to lie. This is a shameless plug. In hopes of me winning an amazing giveaway. So, I'm sorry readers, but it's for my own good.

As many of you know, I am starting to fall in love with herbs in border-line unhealthy way. Things got a little crazy when I made essential oils, a homemade cleaner, or even the alcohol based essential orange oil.

With that being said, I wished I had found The Mountain Rose Blog before I tried any of those ideas. It's nothing short of amazing inspiration for the at-home herbalist. I can't wait until spring & to garden again so I can try some of their fantastic suggestions.

With this shameless plug, they are holding a give away that I can only dream of: a package of ingredients for home-made cleaners. That even includes essential oils that are much better than my own. And one of the ways I could enter is by blogging about it so, ta-da! I hope my number is the randomly selected magic number!

And even if I don't, this really is an amazing blog that you should check out sometime. There are so many ideas I can't wait to try this spring. Like growing calendula or using local bees wax to make any of their lip balm recipes.

I think that's my limit of shared links for the day. Thank you for dealing my my shameless attempt at winning a great giveaway. For the rest of the month, I plan to share with you a few of my personal loves. Can't wait.

Oh, and I doubt this will increase my chances but... mountainroseblog, mountainroseblog, mountainroseblog. Maybe if I can cut this down to thirty seconds, they will let me into the advertising wing of the station... doubt it.

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